October 7, 2022

ALS ONE Research Symposium

Julien Spatazza, PhD, Head of Pharmacology at BrainEver gave a presentation on “ENGRAILED-1 homeoprotein transcription factor as a novel therapeutic strategy for ALS”  at the 5th Annual ALS ONE Research Symposium, highlighting the unique and promising potential of the ENGRAILED-1  protein for the treatment of ALS. At this conference, over 960 registered guests from 34 countries, including researchers, scientists, and members of the ALS community from around the world, convened virtually for 3 days to share critical research underway across the globe to help uncover therapeutic options leading to an ultimate cure for ALS.

October 12, 2022

ALS and Motor Neuron Disease Symposium

Stephanie Vargas, Ph.D., Scientist at BrainEver, gave a presentation at the ALS and Motor Neuron Diseases symposium in Paris, organized by FILSLAN and ARSLA, highlighting BrainEver’s rationale for developing human ENGRAILED1 protein therapy for the treatment of ALS.

ALS ONE Research Symposium